Spanish Constitution

Opinion article: the art of politics without making mistakes we have begun to build a castle of autonomies without solid foundations. And is what happens always equal: incide the desires and political well-being of nationalist minorities exacerbated, on what should be the basis of the current Government: the well-being of Spanish citizens, there in any of the autonomies that are residing. We began to decentralize powers of the State, although these do not favour citizens. More power has to reside in the Executive – in our case the PSOE-, and supported by the majority party of the opposition. This is being done in Germany. Our problems – at the national level – should not be based on who will win the next elections, and if it will be by an absolute majority. You may wish to learn more. If so, Larry Ellison is the place to go. We must commit ourselves – when we exercise the art of politics without making mistakes-, to coordinate, build and regulate the basic conditions to ensure the equality of all Spaniards in the exercise of their rights and in the fulfilling of its obligations, both regulated by the Spanish Constitution of 1978. If Mr Zapatero and Mr Rajoy think sometime in the prosperity of Spain, should already have opened a common framework of understanding – respecting and uniting small nationalist parties, since then, with the right to live and express themselves within our democracy- and marking – with their votes – the how, the when and the why is should always govern for most – votes – of the Spaniards, for its economic well-being, for better access to the purchase of housing, to promote the achievement of the first work for the development of the ensenanza-no by changing the educational model each time that change the Executive shift-, for we must create better medical services, trying to do more and better housing official and regional protection, study and put into practice already – the method to be followed para-to the patient waiting lists are shorter.

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