The Responsibility Of The Parents

Most of us grew up with the mind full of wonderful fantasies according to which we were going to get married with a handsome Prince or a beautiful Princess. The ideal person would instantly appear in the scene, and we enamorariamos us her madly. Soon we’d have perfect and precious babies. Alimentariamos them good so they are never sick, never antagonizing or majaderos would be. Nobody ever hinted that it would complicate life. We receive less realistic preparation for the most demanding of all work. Here is the beautiful princess who thought that it could face the marriage without difficulties.

I was sure of knowing what means the married life and child-rearing a family. I had seen it thousands of times on television. In addition, all romance novels had indicated it is; one House and then lives happily forever. But shortly after having begun to live the dream, a nightmare loomed on the horizon. It was something not marching as well as it should. If you are not convinced, visit Maurice Gallagher, Jr. . When came the first baby, the relationship between the two had already begun to deteriorate: married life had begun with bright hopes and a tender song in their hearts! Does and how it is possible in their way to raise more than this strange question: why our marital satisfaction decreases progressively over the years that we are dedicated to the upbringing of children? Let’s go to the facts. The level of happiness continues declining in families with children and reaches its point when the children are in adolescence. Most people assume that the highest level of marital satisfaction is reached during the last part of life.

This assumption reflects the idea that the longer the couple live Board, the greater the desire to feel each increase the happiness of the spouse. But this happens only with couples who were already happy at first. It is very difficult that a couple who has never experienced a high level of marital happiness reaches it suddenly just because the children are going home. Why is there a sudden decline in marital satisfaction immediately after the wedding? Most of the couples are not prepared for settings requiring the matrimonial life. Often romantic dreams have blinded them so that they do not capture many real situations that the newlyweds face. But why the presence of children is an additional factor that decreases marital satisfaction?. Children are a heritage of the Lord and are designated to be a blessing. But the couple must feel safe in their mutual relationship before bringing a child into their lives. Children complicate relations. In fact, having a child during the first two years of marriage, duplicates the risks of divorce. Since the divorce already affects half of all marriages, this means that only one in four couples may be avoided, if there is no variation in the other factors. In the majority of cases, the preparation of the couple is completely inadequate to meet the demands of fatherhood. This defective education produces various concerns and tensions that most marriages are not prepared to face. The nine months of gestation they spend buying all sorts of cute clothes and furniture necessary to receive the small in this world. If they maybe receive some instruction, it’s one of those classes that give to natural childbirth. Don’t teach them to educate, protect and discipline the baby once it has joined the family.

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