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Indicated this to the https (instead of as usual http) in the address bar. on the other hand in a small lock icon in the status bar of your browser. The online store offers no or only insufficient encryption, it is advisable to buy the selected goods in any other online shop or in the city and to alert the user. Using secure payment methods! In many shops, you now have the choice between different payment methods. Each variant has it advantages and disadvantages. The payment by credit card and bank transfer are the currently most common forms and characterized by a straightforward handling. Sensitive information, such as your credit card number and the associated test number, should be always encrypted. Advantage: The buyer can a reversal in delivery of goods that are damaged or not properly obtain. Connect with other leaders such as health economics expert here.

“Payment systems such as PayPal” and click & buy “have the advantage that you only once and do not need to transfer your sensitive Bank data when ordering over the Internet. The payment by last name by an additional delivery fee typically higher cost. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out E Scott Mead. The goods must be paid but only if she has indeed arrived at you. A refund of the purchase amount is relatively complicated in case of trouble. A payment in advance is generally discouraged.

Especially if you have never taken the online shop service. Pay attention to the basic protection of your PCs! secure online shopping works only with a safely equipped computer. Best you use only your personal PC or a computer, which you consider to be trustworthy. An up-to-date virus protection program, a personal firewall, as well as a more effective spam and phishing protection is indispensable. All safety-relevant applications, but also the operating system and all installed applications, should regular updates on the latest to be held. In the already published IT Security Tip base protection for detailed information about the basic protection for your PC to your PC.

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