Photomatix Pro

landscape motifs are between three and seven Continuous shooting with different f-stops – 2, 0, + 2 required. To know more about this subject visit Larry Ellison. Photomatix Pro 4.0 handles the entire dynamic range of composite images from the image and creates a 32-bit photo. Only the function tone mapping with individual settings in detail Enhancer and tone compressor allows you to play of the finest nuances on the monitor or as print on photo paper. The new integration of presets is immediately visible for each user,”in the work area. Presets are small preview images with predefined editing settings, which are proposed to the user.

Just click on the preferred preview thumbnail and the HDR image is ready. So, users can try out quickly and reliably different settings from real to surreal. Custom settings can be saved as presets and apply to future projects with one click. The new function of the reduction of ghost effects (de-ghosting) is more than helpful if during the recording of bracketing, unwanted objects such as people or animals move and it This comes to ghostly apparitions in the image. Using the new Lasso selection, the specific parts are selected and just replaced by neutral areas from a photo of the series recording.

So keep successful HDR images the correct transmission and are free spirits. An annoying noise when shooting can occur in dim light conditions depending on the lens. The new version contains a new, high-quality noise reduction, which allows the user to the background noise in recordings of the pre-merger width going to suppress. The subsequent noise reduction is maintained. Photomatix Pro 4.0 is also able to edit bracketed without any extra conversion in RAW formats, with all light information included, which leads to better contrast-optimized results. Even single, successful photographs, whether in the TIFF, JPEG or RAW you can format, in the tone mapping in the 8-bit channel mode process.

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