Spanish Academy

School of Santiago and the American Group were somehow matched, by the dual membership of some of its members, apart from being counted among the poetic groupings more aside from the second half of the sixties, early seventies of the last century, were urban, or better said capital, Santiago and I think that somehow they were complementary, at least in our personal experience. Group America, urban in fact although not of law never made statements in this regard was a little earlier than the school of Santiago, but this in fact already existed in the conversations of its future members and Exchange and mutual reading of material between the members, at meetings of the literary Academy of the Department of Spanish and the fleeting from the Department of philosophy. The Group America, almost programmatic fashion, intended to carry stocks and factories not only poetry, but also folklore, philosophy, politics, general culture or what we understood or lived as a culture, all with a committed, progressive and even revolutionary, bias in the framework of the last five years of the sixties and the context that culminated with the election of Allende 73. Thereafter grew and formalized the status of the exchange between student sectors and culture with populations, the factories, the universal access to cultural goods, something that germinal and inorganic activity already implied and Preludes in these fairly informal raids of the Group America in towns and factories. (As opposed to baby clothes). The academies of philosophy and Castellano were quite dissimilar, but once again, were in some way complementary. The second grouped several emerging poets such as Bernardo Araya (Tristan Altagracia) and applicants and students with literary, philosophical and militant concerns and was conceived there rather than the combination of political action and poetry that characterized not long after the Group America. On the other hand, the Spanish Academy was a more formal and traditional, closest thing that corresponds to a literary Academy. . Frequently Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX has said that publicly.

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