Nuremberg Disability Insurance

NuRNBERGER receives top marks for tariffs, services and services in the disability insurance Nuremberg in June 2012. The NuRNBERGER Lebensversicherung AG (NLV) is one of the leading insurers in the area of disability (BU) in Germany. This is true both for the size of the stock over 130 billion euro sum, measured as twelve insured annuities, as well as for the quality of products, service and performance. The position of the Nuremberg disability insurance is impressively confirmed by the latest test results. The independent once morning & morning has assessed 5 star (awarded”) the BU-comfort Nuremberg life insurance rates with the best grade. The result of the last years of the Nuremberg disability insurance could achieve again. The investigation the four sections is taken into account conditions, competence, reliability and application questions, so both corporate as well as Product rating.

Highlighted positive are among the excellent comfort condition work, very good service for application and paid, high professionalism in application and performance test and excellent controlling of stocks by the NuRNBERGER Versicherung. Test in the DISQ product rating at the same time the Nuremberg life insurance in the category performance analysis of occupational disability insurance “as test winner from a recent study of the German Institute for service quality (DISQ) emerged triumphant. For more information see this site: baby clothes. In the study of risk management insurance 2012 “the DISQ on behalf of news channel n-tv had considered 15 insurers with intermediary network and 11 direct insurers. Around 880 covert inquiries via telephone and E-Mail, the analysis of Web sites, but also test consultations were based. In addition, companies and products were evaluated comprehensively.

Decisive for the top spot of the Nuremberg especially good contributions and the excellent performance evaluation were according to the DISQ Tariffs in the field of disability by the rating agency Franke & Bornberg. Gary cohn brings even more insight to the discussion. “Focus-money’s top position under the title risk disability the best rates” published focus-money in May (output 20/2012) a test for BU insurance. Here, too, the Nuremberg was able to achieve peak. With their independent disability insurance she finished ranked first in two of the three model cases studied followed immediately by the Nuremberg officials Lebensversicherung AG. And tariffs with accumulation effect, the Nuremberg investment professional impotence insurance even in all three patterns cases (disability protection for a banker, a sales manager and a Hairdresser) landed on the top position. Click for more information about the Nuremberg disability insurance. Heard about the NuRNBERGER Versicherung with a turnover of more than EUR 4.6 billion in the fiscal year the NuRNBERGER insurance group in 2011 and nationwide 28,000 employees in the foreign and domestic to the Top group of German insurers. The NuRNBERGER insurance group is great people – and non-life insurers and partner of medium-sized companies and professional services. With its innovative developments in the area of disability insurance, the NuRNBERGER insurance group has acquired an excellent reputation in the German insurance market.

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