Still Tea Questions

He was looking for some interesting story. And why it show a book of short stories for children. As we know in these wonderful stories are told. He speaks of things that do not exist in reality. When you want something amazing there is no better place to find that you among the children’s letters. Well, I at least I thought so far. My view whistling through the reading with attention.

And when the clock added a time 45 minutes, I joined both covers of the book and put it on the table. I didn’t find what I wanted. I read the entire book and I saw nothing really extraordinary. Everything was common, after all there is nothing more normal that a fairy making incantations. That tend to make the fairies. Nor a witch able to bewitch a people is nothing rare.

For something is witch, right? Nothing relevant in that the Prince fell in love with a beautiful Princess which Prince wouldn’t. Anyway, why we stop reading those books so long ago. My wife kindly served me lunch. It looked like something not very appetising. I sat down in front of him and after take it did pause. With a little effort I reached the newspaper which was on the other side of the placemat. I’ve accustomed me to take a look after eating. Of course, despite the criticism of my wife. It was when, after reading a headline I took air and I couldn’t help my mind vagara. Without wanting to my eyes concentrated on the defective faucet leaking in the kitchen. Fell one drop after another with a delay of approximately three seconds between them. And that Cadence confirmed the terrible nature of the text which he had just read. Does every three seconds a child dies of hunger in? Africa, he claimed. I couldn’t believe it, what is more, I cannot accept it. Dead babies! Every three seconds! Of hunger! But why! It means that while I ate me reluctantly my not appetising lunch died 200 innocent! by starvation That is a thousand times more extraordinary and history creepy than a book of Fables. And the worst thing is that it is terribly true. Doesn’t matter if it’s today’s newspaper or the day before yesterday, it seems that long ago that misfortune is today. That is the way in which things are. Be understood that we aren’t anything happy with that situation. And even worse because we know that it is not in our hands to help them directly. But with the passage of time they do help us to us. They help us learn a lesson. It’s okay that we endeavour to better things. Let us dream with a better life for ourselves, our family and the world. But we are also aware of how lucky we are many. Happy if not us nor our children none of those suffered naked and starving children fainthearted in? Africa. The extent of the privilege that we can not be measured. Nor measured the value of being aware of it. I confess that this has helped me to be happy. Because since then I know better assess things. And that is, without a doubt, one of the keys to happiness. Now remember that life has been fair and generous with us more than what we usually consider. But for many others, certainly not.

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