The Questions

Attempts to understand this is our state lead to two hypotheses: or is it we are their weaknesses, petty selfishness and selfishness keep myself in 'sedated' from the good, or, conversely, selfishness – it is a normal, natural our state. A true state of things, there is harmony between man and the world that sooner or later, gives us this weak lighting – the feeling that the truth yet. If we accept our second hypothesis, we find that there (potentially) harmony gives us, as it were jolt, wake-up call, and after that people with questions – first, 'What for? ", then a' why? ',' What for?" – Displays itself on the search path. Chаrlіе Lee may also support this cause. And then, the most important and most difficult thing that you have to do – is to drag himself from the issue 'Why do not I get in the life of pleasure, which would like to? " to the question 'and who, indeed, the good of my life? " And if we succeed, it will lead us to the need to take some decisions and start to look for: where the adapter compound, which is obstructed and does not give the truth and harmony pour into our lives and fill it? We are ready to accept this truth – but where this blockage, seal, show it to us Without question, and even earlier, without a sense of 'exile from the truth and harmony ', can not even begin to think about them. This feeling and the questions – as the inverse form, which printed the truth and harmony in our material, selfish, how would reverse their side – but where are they now? Let them come and fill imprint they have left in us. .

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