4 term used for the quacks to inform on reduction of inflamation of the uterus. 5 term used for the quacks for the remedy saw verbal. this goes joining, accumulating and it forms doena6' '. Muirapuama or Marapuama (popular)? Ptychopetalum olacoides (scientific) Part of the used plant: leves frmaco-therapeutical Use: used as pomada cicatrizante. Way to use for popular knowing: it is used next to the barbatimo and the Veronica as garrafada for the cleanness of the uterus. Comment: use of this garrafada is of only of preventive use, the incautiousness of the health will be able to occur in some cases could not be dealt only with the garrafada one, it will have that to search alternatives, or in special the doctor.

The social participation in the production of? green pharmacy? communitarian it must be stimulated, with envolvement of the city halls, communitarian secretariats of health and agriculture, associations and institutions of education, searches and extension, for integral exploitation of the benefits. They must this to also count on the support of the public managers for implantation and maintenance of local programs, with participation of professionals and communitarian agents in integration with the community (AMOROZO, 2002). The tradition in the use of medicinal plants in the etria band of 18 the 78 years is sufficiently moderate, being the majority women, but this tradition comes gradual losing space for the aloptica medicine, for influence of the proper convivncia between the people and for the medical attendance, therefore it fits to the Public Power to hug the cause and to revert this reality through the investment in oficinais and skillful Laboratories thus to guarantee health and service in the Only System of Sade (SUS) of Quality and low cost (BRAZIL, 2004). The use of medicinal plants will be able significantly to improve the quality of life of the families, therefore beyond its use, culture and commercialization, it could be an alternative of income for familiar agriculture.

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