Antonio Magalhes de Watery Oliveira* rain, water of the sea, revigorante water in the tired body, cooling, quesacia water our headquarters. Therefore this element of the nature of essential importance will setornar scarce in our planet, if it will not be used of sustainable form. Although the total volume doplaneta either of 1,44 billion km, 97% is of salty water and only 3% degua candy, and only 0.7% of these, in lakes, rivers and subsoil, are passveis deexplorao. Today, 250 million people, in 26 countries, face lack crnicade hdricos resources. The forecast is of that in 30 years it will jump for 3 billion, em52 countries.

As if it was not enough, the water consumption is two times bigger that population ocrescimento. The degradation of the way ambientevem becoming scarce and quickly contaminating the esubterrneas superficial reserves of these resources. Brazil withholds 12% of all the available water paraconsumo in the world. Although this, our country is one from that more they suffer with odesequilbrio between it offers and the demand, wastefulness, dasreas pollution and breaking of preservation of the courses of the water. Wastefulness in Brazil arrives 60% dagua treated and injected in the net, being that in the half agriculturist 93% arrive. Faltamas people conscience how much to this gravity of this problem and to face combastante seriousness and initiative with attitudes not only with said eapenas pretty words and not applied in the reality, the attitude taken has that to sertornarem daily habits not only and campaign. Asoluo for the water supply in the planet is in the esustentvel adequate handling of the resources, prioritizing the preservation of the springs of the rivers, otratamento of the sanitary, hospital dejections and effluent industrials, acorreta destination of the urban solid residues, an effective control on autilizao of pesticides in agriculture, the preservation of areas remanescentesde native forest, shelter of many springs, as well as the preservation dasguas underground. For the maintenance of all these attitudes, become-seessencial the investment in ambient education. Thus, we will be able to revert oatual alarming picture, improving the quality of life of the populations epossibilitando the perpetuation of all planetary biodiversity.

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