The Direction

The direction of R is determined by the geometric addition of 3 Forces (Rn1, Rn2, Rn3), then take into account the angle between R and the axis of the root and shoulder strength (L) that enough for the moment of force. L – if empirical methods can be of great value, depending on the slopes of the ramps, while the method of 5:3 is 0. As between the axis of the root and the force R (or Rn) is always a corner, it is necessary to eliminate that possible under the direction of R along the axis. This is stipulated in the method of 5:3. 9.Neobhodimost accounting angular values can be seen in the following examples: – the spacecraft should enter the atmosphere only at a specified angle slope, otherwise it will break – in football to score a goal from a side position is very difficult – in a guillotine cutting surface should not be horizontal – the wheel of Leonardo da Vinci evidence on the role of the angles (high tech). 10.Uchet elementary calculations (angles, geometric and trigonometric data suggested a major orthopedic Marxkors’om (Germany) who wanted the term ‘static planning’, ie that the situation of the tooth by means of biomechanics.

11.Parametr forces – the center of resistance – the center of stability – a point ‘with’ – the estimated point. Rotation of the tooth is going on around the center of rotation at a distance of 1 / 3 of apex’a..

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