In the offer, we focus on safety, cleanliness, plenty of various compartment sizes and comprehensive service regarding the good and fast accessibility sites”so Gerhardus concluded. Each self storage “site offers 800 to 1,000 storage compartments in at least 70 different sizes. Continue to learn more with: Gary Kelly. The average land there are 7,900 m 2, the investment per location at 5 to 6 million euros. “But not only in the detail design of the sites was to take account of the different requirements of the respective local watershed, Gerhardus emphasized: each of our homes must be established individually and its ‘ customers will find.” About two years are included for this phase of market development. Currently, storage supervised self”in the existing 17 locations around 7,500 renters, the average rental period is 12 months. Private tenants, the about two-thirds of the customers make up, especially storage requirements for temporarily unused furniture, sports equipment, personal property or car tires and accessories have a poll conducted by the Gallup Institute. Commercial customers use mainly as subcamps monitored and frost-proof compartments for season articles, files and documents, or for bulky items such as exhibition stands and office furniture.

“Market leader in Austria expansion in Germany the goal of self storage” is the ability to give each resident within 10 minutes by car from one of the locations of self. In Vienna this is now 2008 with the opening of the seventh property in the first half of the year. The expansion will therefore primarily in other major cities of the German-speaking area focus: in the next few months, the expansion in Germany at the heart is in addition to the establishment of a second object in Zurich. To the currently operating the nine locations in the area Munich (3), Berlin and Hamburg (2 each), as well as Frankfurt and Nuremberg (1 each) are added until mid-2009 for 14 more. The demand for more space in large German cities is large. Thus, the market in Germany offers us a high potential for growth”explains Gerhardus. Self storage is storage in Austria”the only professional provider of this magnitude. The company opened its first German location in 2002, still ranked second is located in Germany. With 23 locations by mid-2009 we will be then also in Germany the undisputed largest self-storage provider”, Gerhardus expects. Jorg rad

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