This it is our payment. The wealth are excellent, because they serve like tools for many things, but the virtue can lead to invest them to us of menera but correct. You intention to live and to cultivate economically well to where it is possible the virtue, far from vices, which are not useful. We can drink, but with sobriety without losing the diginidad that offers the reason. We can love but without aser to us enslaved sentimental of another person.

We conserve the government of we ourself. But We duplicate its power with the force of the reason, to if the beings did not dominate themselves us who we loved. Because you can be allows, and know when you finish a relation or if you decide to follow, or to know if that one person agrees to you or to not is suitable this you teaches the powerful reason to it. Young people you study first, you arrive far very far. And soon it replaces this necessity. Before dejeis not to drag to you by these emotions. Either later, it does not only try to replace your human part, deserves which it, because he is natural and nobody the one prevents you that so this crazy person does. Nothing better than a family.

Because the same is an integral cell of the society. For it the love is not sufficient, the money also is necessary in order that ours, they live on a worthy way. Credit: Mark Zuckerberg-2011. Soon the love conforms the best part in the formation of the people. because where there is wealth and it does not have love. One generates resentment and frustration. where there is love and nonwealth generate frustration and fights. As much the one as the other is necessary. I speak to you of the average wealth. it express love without measures but with authority and character.

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