The Professors

Demian represents for Sinclair the educator encourages who it to cover the way of the self-knowledge en vogue route to the accomplishment while individual, unmasking the positivistas and materialistic paradigms then. Amongst the questionings, Demian it demonstrates to the relativity of the truth concept, pondering that ‘ ‘ the majority of the things that explain in them in the college is, without a doubt, true, but also they can be considered of a different point of view of that one of the professors, and then they pass to almost always present one meaning much more amplo’ ‘ (P. 31). Click Facebook for additional related pages. demonstrates for Sinclair which must be the position of who desires to know something in depth: the collect in the privacy for the exercise of the reflection, the constant questioning and dedicating themselves with full seriousness to the useful investigations and conversations, therefore ‘ ‘ the ideas that we live only are that they have valor’ ‘ (P.

61). Sinclair applies these teachings in its life and starts to know and to examine everything before judging what it agreed to it. It is thus in its relation with Pistrius, with who learns that we possess the world in us while possibility, but that we need to be conscientious of the subjectivity of the reality, since ‘ ‘ the only reality is that one that if contains inside of us, and if the men live so irrealmente are because the exterior images accept as reality and suffocate in itself the voice of the world interior’ ‘ (P. 113). In its relation with Knauer, Sinclair understands that our life cannot be marked by contradictions: ‘ ‘ it could not give an advice to it who did not come from my proper experience and that proper I did not feel myself capable of seguir’ ‘ (P. 115). E, although to disagree with the colleague in some points, is remained open to the dialogue and if it surprises when verifying that exactly in ‘ ‘ books and writings nonsenses that which brought me and in searched the salvation had taught to me much more of what I it principle imaginava’ ‘ (P.

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