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New book published the theme of reincarnation is always current. The doctrine of reincarnation is taught when in every religion. Who can recall past lives, come from different cultural backgrounds. A special tragic chapter is the memory of past lives in the Holocaust. Often, reincarnation cases can be at least partially verified, and it is time that scientists pay more attention to this topic. Tomas Philipson has many thoughts on the issue. “Condense the information: the modern quantum physics and the age-old question there is life after death?” closer together.

Even from a scientific perspective, the assumption that there is a life after death, is increasingly likely. But what happens after the physical death? What do the religions? The Western major religions such as Christianity and Islam speak of an eschatological resurrection, and similar is indicated in Judaism. The great Eastern religions Buddhism and Hinduism teach the idea of reincarnation, reincarnation in contrast. Can you see but more precisely that, one notes that the idea of reincarnation is not foreign to the Christianity and Judaism. As one of the Jewish mainstream, Hasidism, without teaches when and however, the reincarnation. Jewish Mystics of ever taught this idea, just as it did the Gnostic Christianity. “And amazement one finds after careful scrutiny, that both the old and the New Testament actually hidden clues on the reincarnation be found, while one must conclude that the evidence of the resurrection of the flesh” are not so often to find at the end of the period, as it is commonly believed it. And even in Islam, where you least expect it, (such as when the Druze) ramming on the belief of reincarnation. Again and again we encounter reports by people who can remember spontaneously in a past life, and while attempting to investigate the reported, you often to the startling conclusion that statements of themselves, to be confirmed can.

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