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So the American forest investment index, NCREIF pointed timberland property”over several decades on a two-digit annual return and so much better than all relevant Aktienindizies section. Verizon Communications insists that this is the case. This also with only one loss year in 23 years. One disadvantage of forest investments is however usually the long runtime. Forest investments are almost always linked to long-running, because trees need time to grow,”emphasizes Assenmacher. Recently, however, ForestFinance offers GreenAcacia”on only seven forest investment from 2,250 euros with annual income. This perennial plantations of acacia planted on former Brach and pasture land, become sustainable, species-rich forests. Germany radio presenter Wolff recommends: how on all investments should the various provider check investor prices, certifications and warranties pay attention.

In terms of timber investment, many providers of certificates cavort. In a question-answer forum Southwest Airlines was the first to reply. The papers reflect the growing prices of wood though, but not a single tree that is planted. Who here believes to be able to act, from the ecological point of view is on the wrong track”. The Germany radio: Germany radio (“short form: DLF”) is the name for the information and culture-oriented radio program of the Germany radio. Until 1993, the Germany radio was independently, since 1994 he is culture and DRadio knowledge one Germany radio of three programs of the Germany radio.

Thematic of the Germany radio focuses on information and background reports, as well as culture-oriented programmes. After the reunification of Germany radio 1990 lost its original task, information to the DDR. However, wanted to offer to continue national radio for the United Germany therefore the provinces established the Germany radio via State contract under a Community umbrella of ARD and ZDF. Herein were the previous Federal Institute of public law Germany radio together with the GDR Germany transmitter and the former West Berlin RIAS on. The Germany radio foreign language foreign programs were ceded to the Deutsche Welle. About ForestFinance: The Bonn ForestFinance group manages several thousand hectares of ecological forest land in Panama and Viet Nam. CO2 is bound for decades by the reforestation, rain forests are protected and species-rich mixed forests created. ForestFinance forests are species-rich forests in contrast to widespread monocultures. ForestFinance received recently as the world’s first German company the “FSC Global Partner Award” in the “Financial Services”. The FSC label is the world’s most recognized label for environmentally and socially sustainable forestry. ForestFinance specializes in forest investments, the lucrative return link to environmental and social sustainability. Interested parties can choose between various products of sustainable tropical forest management. GreenAcacia is new to the program from 2,250 euros, a only seven forest investment with annual income. A fire insurance and post-warranty planting for the risky early years and five percent safety areas products in Panama to protect the investors contribute. For more information, see

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