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Fundamentals of the company now called candino Co Ltd. were laid by the family of watchmakers Flury (Fluri) at the end of the xix century. candino as a trademark was registered in 1947. Swiss watch company candino owes its success to a penchant for simplicity and realistic ways. The company is not trying to dictate fashion on watch market, investing heavily in advertising and pr, rather the opposite – flexibility to adapt to existing and newly emerging trends. Secret of Success candino – do only what he wants the buyer! Few brands can compete with candino for diversity on the range presented. Candino the company was founded in 1947 in Herbetsvil by merging the two oldest Swiss watchmakers clans Flury and Hug. In 1954 the firm joined Kurt Flury.

Biel was opened sales office hours, running Armin Flury. In 1968 he opened an additional modern industrial complex. In 1971, the line was opened Build men's watches with automatic winding. In 1984 Roger Flury, son of Kurt Flury, joined the production department of the firm. In 1988, Pascal Flury, son of Armin Flury joined the company in Biel. In 1989, was built and started a new factory in Herbetsvile.

In 1996, A new system of codes to account for all products. In 2002 merged with the international holding company Festina Lotus sa, owns, inter alia, the Festina watch brand and car brand Lotus. Festina brand quickly gained wide popularity. The profitable company has repeatedly sold and resold again. The last time this happened was in 1984 – the owner of the company became a Miguel Rodriguez, had already owned the then yet another hour mark – Lotus. And in the next year, 1985, the company released a model with indication of the phases of the moon. The main direction of the hour mark – manufacturer of various sports chronographs. Since 1998, the company is officially a "Guardian of Time" famous cycle race Tour de France, and even has a personal team of cyclists has twice won this competition. The range of companies are present both mechanical and quartz chronographs equipped with an alarm clock, stopwatch, timer, Calendars, split-systems, etc.

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