International Economic Commission

According to the corporation Rusnano today 58% of the world market sources of light falls on the traditional incandescent bulbs. By 2015, their share drops to 30%. September 1, 2009 in the eu came into force a law banning the production, importation and purchase of retailers incandescent power of 100 watts or more. This means that once all the stocks of lamps of this power will be sold, a 100-watt incandescent bulb in the eu will become history. Behind her, in September 2010, the ban will extend to the lamp power of 60 watts, a year – a 40-watt, and in 2012 – a 10-watt. In September 2016 outside the law will be almost all halogen lamps.

Russia is going to embark on a gradual ban incandescent January 1, 2011. Alternatives to incandescent lamp cause failure of incandescent lamps – their very low efficiency. Only 5% of consumed "light bulb Ilyich energy spent on lighting, the remaining 95% goes for heat. Meanwhile, in today's world energy problem is very acute. Let us recall the blackouts that have left without electricity first New York City, then to Moscow. and electricity consumption is growing. According to experts of the International Economic Commission in 2025, humanity will consume twice as much electricity than in 2007. The share of coverage in these expenditure is 19%, while in the U.S., according to the Energy Department, and does 22%. Ban incandescent light bulbs and switching to energy efficient light sources will save a lot of electrical life.

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