American High

In way to an ocean of bad notice and uncertainty, in the last days they start to appear some small islands of good numbers. The Brazilian industry sketches some reaction followed for the good performance of the stock market in last the two months and the platform of valuation reached in the day 04 of May – 50 a thousand points. In the same way, U.S.A. David Fowler will undoubtedly add to your understanding. already had initiated a retaken shy movement of. The light in the end of the tunnel can not yet be accurately visible, but its consequences the least already seem to confirm inevitable the fond one.

Pointers present some to melhorApesar of the significant retraction of Produto Interno Bruto (PIB) American in the first trimester, of 6,1% front to the room trimester of 2008, specialists believe that other pointers start to show the possibility of a more steady scene. Indices that they more monitor of form brought up to date the behavior of the economy, as the confidence of the consumer and numbers of the industry, signal a recovery trend. The hanging sales of residential property in U.S.A. had grown 3.2% in March, for 84,6 points, in as the consecutive month of high in the pointer, after registering low record in January, of 80,4. Sales are considered hanging when the salesman accepted offers but the business not yet was closed, what, in general, delay two months to happen. The expenses with construction had also registered have led high, of 0,3%, in March, the first one since September of 2008. Analysts foresaw a reliable fall of 1,5%.Os indices of the consumer had shown reaction in April, and had arrived next at the previous platform to in addition the bank of investment Lehman Brothers, considered landmark zero of the crisis. The index advanced for 65,1, before 57,3 in March. The year was still first high in the comparison the year since July of 2007.

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