Home Against Tottenham

Four goals by Dzeko and one of Aguero led to the humbled citizen. The triumph confirms Mancini as serious candidates to the Premier. Tottenham 1 5 Manchester City statistics. Manchester City won at home to Tottenham Hotspur (1-5) in a match in which Roberto Mancini touch football was imposed and sentenced Bosnian Dzeko with four goals. Frenchman Samir Nasri, newcomer arsenal, made his debut as holder and ruled the center of the field citizen next to the former Barca Yaya Toure to nourish the Argentine Aguero balls and the Spanish David Silva. Tottenham fans attending for the first time this season a League match at White Hart Lane, once the encounter of the spurs in the first round of the Premier should be suspended because of riots that broke out in London in early August.

The direction of Nasri in the area of creation and his good understanding with Aguero and Silva, very active both in attack and in dnsa, granted to the City control of the party to measure that progressed the first time, while the t. was limited to create danger with quick Kickback. The domain of the Mancini moved to the marker at the 34 minute when Dzeko topped head, a move that was born of a triangulation on the edge of the area between Nasri and Kun. The Bosnian striker returned to the spurs beat four minutes before the break, in a moment that had raged the Tottenham game to try to equalize the score before the break. With your back to the goal, Dzeko topped head before a static goalkeeper on the goal, without reaction time line. The third came again from the boots of the Bosnian, ten minutes of the second half, after a move started by Aguero.

With Tottenham out of the party, more than half an hour game ahead and enjoying on the grass of White Hart Lane, Mancini Kun took a pass at depth of Nasri to define, in the 60th minute, the quarter of the City against a helpless Friedel. The relaxation of the Central of the eleven visitor in a game that was already decided gave rise to an auction in a corner kick from Kaboul, who sent the ball to the network without encountering resistance from the dense of the City. Dzeko still had time to score, in the time of discount, his fourth goal of the evening with a shot placed the square of Friedel who established the definitive 1-5. The citizens signed a good start to the League, which have won their first three commitments with comfort and have placed at the head of the table, waiting for the outcome of this afternoon’s Manchester United, who will share the leadership if it beats Arsenal with victory today. Source of the news: coup of authority of Manchester City with a win at home against Tottenham

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