Berger School

On relation to the bond between the family-school, these two great institutions, the author if based on sociologists Berger and Luckmann (1978), when they point that the individual ' ' member of the society is not born. It is born with the predisposition for the sociability and becomes member of sociedade' ' (P. 173). Conception of Education: The author in which I searched, understands the education, as well as Pablo Freire, being the education one practical liberating dialgica. The articles in which the author searched each one had a different focus, one focava in the school and another one in the family.

Those that detached the school suggested new practical educative, dynamic, also with the objective of envolvement of the parents, strategies for culture of participation, the success of the pupil. But the importance of this everything is that the school has conscience of the presence of the parents, not only the physical presence, and also the parents must perceive the importance that this everything involves for the development of its son. The school, in the fulfilment of its objectives, inside of its internal dynamics and social function, must search to recognize to favor the conditions so that the relation with the families if gives of form partner and participativa. Bourdieu friction the school and the education of the following form: ' ' (…) The school (…) is conceived as an institution the service of the reproduction and the legitimation of the domination exerted for the classrooms dominantes.' ' (WALNUT, P. 83) ' ' (…) Bourdieu understands the relation of pedagogical communication (education) as a formal igualitria relation, that reproduces and legitimizes, however, inaqualities daily pay-existentes.' ' (WALNUT apud Bourdieu, P. 86) Conception of Family: The family conceptualization has importance immediate politics in the treatment of the problems of the daily one of the population? either its diagnosis, either its attendance.

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