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I want to thank everyone reading this for the opportunity to address you with this message Thanks Here's the real story from real life, a story about an interesting business, and at times difficult, but very remunerative: When I learned about this business opportunity, I went on an old bmw, a year later I moved to the new Porsche Cayenne Sport, has just descended from the conveyor belt (I apologize for bragging, but it's reality ). Perhaps you might be interested to know – how? If interested – then I will continue your success story! I've had problems with finances. All my business activities was the buy-sell, and it was largely tied to the officials (and they change frequently) In Generally, permanent nerve, and only, no stability. Just horror and I started looking for a new product and new revenue opportunities. Condition was the only know-how, what do others.

That would go back in time when its infancy market for computer technology, software, Internet. Now it is a multibillion-dollar profit, I'm sure it is not in doubt from anyone. But unfortunately, Microsoft and the company were nimbler us and this brilliant niche already occupied, but like so many others But my dream came true friend I've been invited to one exhibit in St. Petersburg, I lived in the city of in Ukraine, and I decided to go At the exhibition I was attracted to a booth, a poster with a spacecraft, near which stood some

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