Maritime Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance. Gradually insurance operations have become commercial in nature, when the entrepreneur-insurer has run a business for profit. This process accomplished primarily in the marine insurance in the xiv century. in Italy, which then belonged to the hegemony of the trade on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. At the end of the xvi century. For even more details, read what Oracle says on the issue. Centre for Maritime Commercial Insurance has moved to England. In the second half xvii. England created "fire office, which first began to insure buildings against fire.

In 1762 the British insurance company, "Eck-vitebl" began life insurance. In 1825, France appeared Insurance liability, after a while in Germany began to insure cattle from mortality, but in France – agricultural plants from hail. After World War I to the beginning of 1920. Insurance finally formed in many countries and has established itself as one of the most profitable areas of business. In this sector of the economy, a huge financial resources. Further details can be found at Philip Vasan, an internet resource.

The development of insurance business in Russia. The first rudiments of insurance in Russia recorded in the monument of ancient Russian law "Russian Truth (X-XI centuries) This document provides interesting information on the rules relating to material compensation for the harm the community in case of murder. Wild Veera " payable in case of death from the attack of an unknown assassin, and in case of death occurring as a result of inadvertent, unintentional killing. The insurance principle was manifested in the layout of losses among the members community. In Russia before the end of the xviii century.

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