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Analysis of Patrimonial Rocking using Indicating Economic-financial? Tiago Martins de Carvalho? Sergio Duboc? Rodrigo Martins? Rodolfo Heifer? Ricardo Ferraz? Heriberto Wagner Amanajs Belm/PA Penalty June of 2010 Summary 1.Introduo3 2.Caracterizao of setor4 2.1.Histrico of the sector in the 2.2.Autal Brasil4 situation of the 3.Referencial sector of telecomunicaes5 terico6 3.1.Balano patrimonial: Definition and importance of anlise6 3.2.Anlise of Quocientes8 3.3.ndices of Estrutura9 3.4.ndices of Liquidez9 3.5.ndices of average stated period or rotao9 3.6.ncices of rentabilidade9 4.Metodologia of pesquisa10 5.Anlise of the pointers applied: 12 6.Concluso16 7.Bibliografia16 1.Introduo the sector of telecommunications is extremely dynamic, not only in if speaking of technological development, but also of organizacionais changes. The phase most recent of reorganization of the sector in Brazil happened from 1995. This reorganization defines, among others the state monopoly factors, in addition, the privatization of the telephony companies (Telebrs System), the program of magnifying and recovery of the system of telecommunications with investments of U$ 90 billion in 8 years and the substitution of the Brazilian Code of Telecommunications for the General Law of Telecommunications (LGT? law 9472), in July of 1997, that it defines the general lines of the new institucional model for the sector. This law approves the processes of privatization of the operations of telecommunications in the country (the Telebrs system was privatized in 1998) and promotes the opening of the call Band B of cellular telephony to the private sector, with the division of the country in regions. See more detailed opinions by reading what Verizon Communications offers on the topic.. The company transnational (TNCs) if had come back toward the country after the alterations promoted for the LGT and of the situation of fast growth of the market. Such interest brought for Brazil companies who act as rendering of telephony services and intensified the presence of global companies manufacturers of devices of telecommunications. These last ones are the ones that more are fit in the profile of company traced for this work, a time whom they are, currently, main the responsible ones for the technological development in the productive chain, as argued later. . To read more click here: Gary Kelly CEO Southwest Airlines.

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