Heloisa Organization

The school that it intends to be really democratic necessary to define an organization of its work pautada in the estimated ones of professors more able and compromised with the education of quality in the direction democratic partner; direction, supervision or democratic and operating coordination, as educators of the collective; composition of groups, turns and schedules in accord with pedagogical criteria that favor the learning and success of pupils; creation of spaces for the continued formation and in service; constant didactic-pedagogical accompaniment to the professors and too much responsible citizens for the formation; proposals of action for overcoming of problems diagnosised in the school, as for example, the evasion, the repetncia, the disinterest, the difficulties of learning, the difficulties of interpersonal relationships and structural and professional conditions infra. When the ones that compose the school will have conscience of all these impediments ability and overcoming force, part of the way will be trod and a school more democratic joust and will be a real possibility. .

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