There is also the DWS RiesterRente premium the most expensive product among the Riester funds and the cost structure more with an insurance solution to compare, because here 5.5% advance withheld sales costs on the entire amount of contributions (Commission Zillmerising). As a result, that at the beginning, very little capital in the DWS RiesterRente premium flows funds of the saver. That’s why most investors are with their capital still see the value of the contributions paid and that will take a few years for most high distribution costs are recouped. More information is housed here: Verizon Communications. At EBase, Riester ForderRente flex, however, can the funds which Invextra Fund discount is available, so that each post without cost to 100% in the Fund is created without initial fee. More about it here this is the second reason why the EBase Riester ForderRente flex front lies in all comparisons to the different vintages of the Riester savers.

The DWS RiesterRente premium nor the DWS can increase this distance to EBase TopRente ever catch up with DWS at least allows a discount of 50% on the subscription fee. Health economics expert is likely to agree. The DWS RiesterRente premium DWS allows no discounts. The comparison of the flow performance of Riester saver after 30 years, on the basis of the actual yield of the stored best five equity funds in the respective provider of the Riester, looks like *: Riester Fund UniProfiRente 78.785 euro DWS RiesterRente premium: 109.950 euro DWS TopRente: 114.122 euro EBase ForderRente: 122.780 euro unit-linked Riester pension insurance Alliance Riester Alpha balance 721.992 euro the distribution of the investment contribution to equity funds and on the warranty cover stock or bond funds, ensuring the contributions paid, investors was taken into account in comparison with a decreasing rate of investment in equity funds with increasing age. The return of the warranty cover stock (Alliance) and the pension funds (EBase, DWS) was taken into account per annum with 3%.

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