Francois Weber

Instead of an end of pipe’ solution as until now, fog nozzles have been used directly in the process. With good success. I didn’t like 1994. Then, new companies have formed, which brought similar solutions on the market, but also new problems. There was competition. No one with the fact that the Geruchsneutralisatoren can lead to additional risks, because the fog spread in the process with the mixed with product of the employees was inhaled dealt at this time. It came above all means the usage that either oxidizing or komplexierend worked on the smell particles to be treated.

Also substances which only neutralising worked on the perception of the scent organ, were used. Many times these products only on the oral or Percutaneous absorption and toxicity were not checked, but the lung movement. Today a product must be of course has been proven suitable for nebulisation. At the same time the mist system must also spray hygienically pure water. Therefore, a consultation of fog systems by competent companies that can propose cost-efficient alternatives in addition to health and technical solutions is essential. It plays an important role in the analysis and understanding of the processes that lead to the emissions. Therefore, treatment with mist systems is always a complementary solution, which requires a prior process optimization.

This means for the operators of production facilities now in addition to the pure investment costs for a facility for the treatment of emissions, cost retry and an accompanying study must operate. This can be applied also to the problem of dust emissions. The difference is, are these phenomena can better assess and measure, but not necessarily easier to handle. Polarity, particle size, Oberflacheneigenenschaften, or weather conditions play a role in the assessment of appropriate measures. Since it Dust emissions often to large volume treatments, which do not concern only the immediate workplace, are solutions here who have a reasonable ratio between the targets and the deposit funds to treat. Therefore own is fog systems as a means to combat odors or dust emissions, because through the formation of fog is a immensely large Exchange surface, spatially can be customized the given but also the changing conditions. Mobile mist systems can also change the location or the spray direction and produce different fog output levels depending on the situation.

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