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So you would like to bring it to the point: in the whole European Union there are no poorer water quality than in Germany and Belgium. The findings of many highly respected doctors and herbalists, show that most people nowadays are overloaded with heavy metal contamination. This could cause a variety of health problems. The human body can excrete unwanted substances by using only pure drinking water. A water quality is necessary, which is as free as possible of dissolved substances. Tap water as drinking water is suitable for various reasons.

The main points are: tap water is only checked about 30 environmental toxins, although there are far more of our tap water contains a variety of drug residues such as E.g. antibiotics and by the water pipes in the House the water may be charged in addition hormones with heavy metals of high pressure in the lines changes the physical properties of the water and reduces the quality of water. Note: Babies and toddlers should of course accordingly no Get ready to bottle feeding with tap water! Is on the safe side, who invested in a water filter. There are a wide range of price categories and qualities. It is worth here to investigate itself and to invest. Many experiences testify that it makes a significant difference to offer filtered water for the family. Benefit not only people but also animals and plants. If the budget for such a purchase is not sufficient, you can enjoy an Ayurvedic water treatment method, which can improve the quality of the water a lot. Boil the appropriate amount of water for the day use bubbling in a pot for 15 minutes. As a result, the water with positive energy to recharge and therefore much better to the drink be suitable.

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