The Day

Dons personal, intransferveis, for which each person will exert its freedom of choice and will carry through the will of God, will be santificar. Without exterior coercion of the will of God, the human being freely decides and chooses the way to follow. The not express will of God of is, but interior, through the free exercise of ours dons. We even can making a mistake in them in the choice: it is part of the risk of the freedom. However, this does not shake the Creator, who leaves the creatures to search the way in return, inspiring feelings to them, condizentes decisions with one to be similar the God, participant of the divine nature. The mistakes of the choice call sin that generates slavery, instead of freedom. first choice insensata was of Adam and Eva, whom if paradigm of other choices maken a mistake throughout history became. But the Creator did not intimidate itself with the devastao of the sin.

He knows what he created: the human being that it chooses to sin, can also choose not to sin. Therefore, the door for the return does not close it. Of – it limitless chance in the people of Noah, Abrao and descent, Moiss, the Prophets, men, women of faith of the old alliance, whom they had declared insolvent, pparently. The history of the maken a mistake choices seemed to discard all possibility to write the history of the sensible, wise, condizentes choices with dons with that the Creator awarded the man and the woman, its privileged creatures. As the creation was pra to be valid, the Creator would not leave it to fail. One day the dream of God will be become fullfilled. It arrived: the Day is called Jav (kairs) where the Creator saved the creation of the impasse of the sin. The Day of Jav it is opposed the darknesses of the evil, that seemed to be successful.

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