Since Dr Malcolm Peet, a psychiatrist at Sheffield swallow court hospital released his findings on the effects of ethyl EPA and its effects on people suffering from depression and low moods, many other studies have been conducted using ethyl EPA to help treat depression and related disorders. The vast majority of studies have been performed consistently confirmed that Ethyl EPA, a natural substance found in the Omega 3 fish oil, helps relieve depression and low moods. The idea that high grade omega 3 EPA could be used to help combat depression and other related disorders came from the late Dr. Horribin, already in the 1970s was a pioneer in the investigation of lipids that affect the brain and central nervous system. Since the findings at Sheffield, studies have been performed worldwide, Harvard University, 1999, Hammersmith Hospital, London, 2001, and Ben Gurion University in Israel from 2002 to name a few. EPA as part of a healthy diet is part of EPA Omega 3 ecosanoids chain and is most commonly found in fatty fish such as fresh salmon, mackerel, sardines and sardines. In the past 100 years the diet patterns of most people in the West has changed dramatically to include far more hydrogenated oils and trans fatty acids (bad fats) this is mainly due to increased consumption of fast food and dishes preparations made. Even people who think that eating a healthy diet consume way too much omega 6 and not enough omega 3. Researchers have recently found that a diet high in Tran's fatty acids could affect the mood stabilizing hormones in the brain, it is thought that this is due to saturated fats slowing down the messaging system within the brain, if this happens after the onset of depression may occur.

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