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FABI’s CRM manages the email flood: central storage of emails in the contact FABI’s software specialist from Bamberg has in the CRM application created the solution for dealing with the daily email flood. The email client integrated into the CRM system, all tasks to the email communication only in FABI’s CRM are done. Editing emails is now drop the email to the customer in a single step, to make it searchable for all colleagues in the team and to create processing orders immediately. Staff edit emails daily average 1.5 hours – FABI’s saves 30% this time. The CRM system allows emails, with an integrated email client comfortably even with attachments, to send directly from the correspondence of the individual customer. Every incoming email with all attachments can be placed immediately in the correspondence of the customer. The complete correspondence with the individual customer is therefore accessible and clearly laid out for all users.

Finding the individual emails is a little something for everyone in the team. Everyone in the team has access to the correspondence with the customer and is therefore also the stored email traffic. Should of email processing jobs arise, this order equal to the appropriate personnel can be piped. Responsibilities are to clarify, because created tasks through the task management to organize immediately. Forwarding mails within the company is eliminated. The built-in email client will help to cope with the flood of email also on the team. No searching in the mailboxes of individual colleagues and also no saving in personal mailboxes and folders.

Filed even when the customer is tamper-proof archived according to the GDPdU and GOB the mail and to call again at any time. Archive of the EmailServers is not required, the central customer database by FABI’s Archives also the emails to the customer. An additional email client is no longer required, there are no media discontinuity. The change in other applications is eliminated. An optimal E-Mail processing creates free space, cuts costs and reduces errors. Employees can get on value-adding activities focus instead to bogged down with emails. Stress and? remove the congestion. Employee satisfaction increases considerably.

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