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How many customers visit the website of a company, to actively search for products or services? Which method of content marketing proves to be very successful for the company? Most market participants will evaluate this method on the basis of the achieved success. Examples of secondary indicators are among the registered readers of a blog, the number of newsletter subscribers and the quality of leads generated. A company’s continuous goal is finding customers, raise the interest, to find out about news regarding company and product range. These customers are namely transform itself ultimately into buyers and therefore in sales and ultimately form the top of the pyramid. Primary indicators in the top of the pyramid: Use this stage evaluate entrepreneurs and financiers success and conversion rates of a company. However, is the focus also on the base level of the pyramid, and thus on the way of ideally deployed content marketing.

Goal of the Preview: generating as many customers! What marketing tactics will score the highest gains for a company? Here the focus by factors such as, for example, the lead traffic wanders down to meaningful financial reports, like used by companies to assess the current numbers. Primary indicators include among others the conversion rates and cost per lead. Using these factors, it can be checked whether the sum was invested in content marketing, finally also desired investment. Often, the success of a marketing services at this point is measured. Read more exciting reports about marketing, consulting, Web design, graphic design, and advertising in our blog. We are looking forward to your visit. Click here for our blog: / blog Chalupa Bachelor of Arts in business administration IT interface

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