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Motor vehicles do not have access to the area and, although there is to have a few strong legs to climb the slopes which characterize it, the chance encounter with the churches, museums, sources and palaces reward the effort. The wall surrounding it was built as a protection against the Arabs, which resulted in a momentary peace that favoured maritime trade, which can read between the lines in the port city. It is very interesting to go through the Pile gate, the oldest and that preserves a drawbridge used also as protection in the middle ages. Once inside and to quench our thirst can bring us closer to the old water supply of the city. One of the pipes of the Onofrio’s fountain will give us encouragement to reach the South in search of the old port and its arcades, today headquarters of more expensive coffee shops of the place. Halfway, Maro and Baro cats/needles us greet each other causing the chimes of the clock tower of the 15th century.

Time shared by the Rector’s Palace, where lovers of local and Italian art of the 16th may satisfy your curiosity, and the Cathedral of the assumption. Both are, in general, tourist thickness of this destination although the Croatian capital reserves its greatest treasure for more intrepid travellers, the small island of Lokrum. A territory declared a natural park and which can be accessed by sea with an outlay of around five euros. Boats towards this complex where you will find us a botanical garden, a Benedictine monastery and a nudist beach leave every half-hour from 9 up to 18 hours. An opportunity that travelers won’t want to miss if you want to understand the rhythm of a city that has gone through Slavic, Austro-Hungarian, Yugoslav, Croatian, hands between tyrants and conquerors, and now grows in democracy.

Point of suffering of global conflicts and historical center worthy of being visited by those who want to witness the passage of contemporary history, with capital letters. By: Sonia L. Baena Sonia is an independent traveler who, before working as a writer for HostelBookers toured several continents, discovering the wonders of their towns and villages. During his stay in Croatia discovered quality hostels and economic accomodation.

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