Baby Shoes For The Smallest

Protection and cuddly warmth from the first day of the birth of the tiny baby feet need special protection and call for heat. Soft, the material should cling to the delicate feet and adapt to each movement. The sensitive baby skin like any materials, which may rub and can lead to skin irritation. Also, the fabric in a natural way to warm the foot, without doing the sweating to make him. You will find good feel shoes of this way in the small world of Pan Tau children’s fashion. The fashion label includes specially for the needs of babies and infants no compromises when it comes to the quality of its products.

It starts with the selection of materials, which is made with great care. The materials are skin-friendly and free of pollutants, which is confirmed by the corresponding certificates. If you are looking for a special gift to the birth or baptism, you have children’s fashion at pan Tau a rich selection. Girl baby shoes are also on offer as boys baby shoes. Cuddle soft Suede fabrics (Nicki) have been processed to shoes that are real eye-catcher.

Craft compelling quality work guarantees a long life of easy-care products. The everyday shoes can be playing easy on and take off. Elastic can be adjusted so that the shoe even with lively movements is easily adapted to the little baby foot. In the design of the shoes, as much expertise was introduced as to production. Because the tastes are different as is well known, many flavors were taken into account in the design. There are the elegant shoes, cheesy acting at any point, in different colors. The “girl”shade of Pink is also available as the “boy blue”. But also white, green and cream are among the range of offer. Different motifs on the front of the shoes expand the choice. Even the shoe with a small teddy bears, even a sweet butterfly or a small car can be found on. The shoes do not warm only, they give protection and hold the baby and the first attempts. You convince by their high utility value. Pan Tau Kindermode (Marcin Trzecinski)

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