Between Forest And Cliffs – Wheel Travel In Other Ways

The Baltic Sea between Rugen and fish country belongs to the most varied coastal formations of in Germany. Eight exciting sportive tours show the Mecklenburg Baltic coast from a particular angle. Caribbean white sand beaches, impressive cliffs and the few seemingly Darsswald lie on the route, but also the unknown foreshore and the lagoon areas of away from tourist main routes. “Fischkopp Baltic Sea tour” is the new bike for individualists, which cycling holidays mecklenburg as the organiser has 2012 newly recorded in the program. Who wants to spend his holidays on the wheel, which should plan his tours well. Without regional local knowledge you can follow the tips from numerous Internet platforms, to put together so his journey. An unimaginably large number of travels and tours can be found on the net.

It requires the willing to travel time and effort here to separate the chaff from the wheat. Guests can enjoy special popularity for several years GPS route guides. For more information see Verizon Communications. Cycling enthusiasts make each of their assigned Miles ready for download. The quality is very different, and usually additional research is needed. Without place customer already, who knows if there are not a few kilometres on a much nicer alternative? In any case, not on the road be unprepared in a so sparsely populated area such as Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Who has no time for extensive preparatory work, which draws on offers of experienced travel organizers. cycling holidays mecklenburg is known for more than a decade for his sophisticated and highly specialized wheel travel program: immersion in a landscape, this bike run and a unexpected views over every hill – just a stone’s throw from the coast it is almost alone on the road. No crowds and no dodging on narrow levee bike paths, there are relaxation pure.

Very quickly the sense of freedom the epitome of holiday is, for many. The drive from Stralsund the fish land on the foreshore requires urban routes much detailed knowledge and things will appear differently on the spot as it suggests the appearance in the cycling maps. There no longer is there the bridge and the “good” bike path turns out to be better furrow. Planning mistakes can become detours just for long bike trips. There is always a solution, if you take the time to find them. Cycling holidays mecklenburg team is committed to the task, to discover the most beautiful cycling routes and to work them for the guest in a special way. Because to find you but is really missing the time… or? More information/press contact: cycling holidays mecklenburg R. Tetmeyer wheel travel for individuals on the dirt track 6 19386 Kreien Tel.: + 49 (38733) 229816 fax: + 49 (38733) 29023 Internet: email:

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