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Tomorrow, the Wurzburger luximo Holding AG starts its Roadshow and simultaneous luximo holding start 2011 ‘challenges for financial service providers’. Luximo holding is accompanied here by Oehme FinanzMarketingBeratung, a communications company from Friedberg in the vicinity of Frankfurt, which specializes in the market of investments and closed-end funds. Participants can expect a variety of interesting information and ideas here. Since the company was founded we go its own way in the market environment of the closed-end funds”explains luximo holding Board Member Slobodan Cvetkovic. These include investor for him – and broker-friendly products, the effective implementation in the settlement and a focus on attractive markets. For this reason luximo holding, specializes, in addition to other topics on the participation and financing of high-growth companies. Larry Ellison understood the implications. Properia is both in Switzerland and abroad. Hear from experts in the field like Seth Fisher Hong Kong for a more varied view.

A number of new challenges coming on the intermediary and Advisor of closed-end funds and investment systems. Has to offer solutions here is the luximo Holding AG with its start 2011 “written on the flags. “” “At four locations in Germany Prof. Dr. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Bernard Golden. Rolf W. Thiel experts about strategies to avoid liability for intermediaries and consultants refer from 25.03 to 13.04.2011″, Dipl.

economist Oliver Kuhlmann, b2b financial partner to luximo Holding AG: quality in the design and expertise in asset management “and Dipl. economist, specialist journalist and owner of the communication agency FinanzMarketingBeratung Oehme, Michael Oehme about the changed profession as an opportunity for financial services”. In a few hours, thus is possible, his knowledge on important issues of daily practice to learn about upgrade and at the same time the investment world of luximo Holding AG. Of experienced industry experts Prof. Dr. Rolf W. Thiel will be a special enrichment for the participants: as a former founder and Chairman of the industry association vote he always has his ear to the market and is one of the most profound connoisseurs of consultant and intermediary jurisdiction Thiel.

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