Chair Goals

The best place, it will always depend on you, of your life, what you are willing to invest to achieve it, without your effort and personal sacrifice, can never achieve your goals, and, since we are talking about goals, I wonder: do you know what is a goal?, do you have any idea of the shape that has a goal?, if you can not or do not dare to answer this simple question, let me make the following analogy: if I had to represent a goal in physical form, would say you that a goal has the shape and consistency of a Chair sit, thinks about the Chair that you are currently using, no doubt is of some use, provides you safety and comfort, perhaps you have planned change it one day with one that is bettergood that you do, but when you do or attempt to do so, recalls something that I consider fundamental, that gives meaning to everything that I intend to tell you, when one uses or buy a Chair, it does to sit on top of it, nobody buys you a seat, then sit on the floor. Official site: Brian Barish. The same is true with your goals, I can’t even imagine how ambitious and laudable be yours and I am glad to have them, but goals are not made with the purpose of giving rein to our imagination, targets are built to serve as a road map, to help us achieve our goal in life, again comparing targets with chairsPlease, do not you distracted or lose your most valuable resource, I am referring to the resource of your time and space in this life, which is not renewable or transferable, don’t let the time pass without that you can build a good Chair, and please don’t settle with sit on the floor. Rocky Dixon often says this. Returning to the beginning of this article, I suggest that you lend attention to what sounds to your around, what happens in front of you, in this true merry-go-round of promises that tour and tour, saturating our sight and hearing with the varied offerings of good governance, and putting some distance, as who prepares to observe a work of art, you stop to contemplate their lights and their shadows, its proportions, the expressive capacity of your author, and above all, if find you any ethical or aesthetic value to such representation. .

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