Coaching or life coach was born a couple of decades ago (though some authors are not in agreement), in sports. We can consider that kick off Tim Gallwey gave him with his indoor tennis play. Using the definitions of various authors try to define what is the Coaching. Christian Worth and Jose. L. Menendez authors of the book opens the melon, define coaching as a series of techniques and processes that help you to perform better everything what you already know to do, harnessing all the skills and capabilities and, at the same time, allows the learning of concepts needed to get to where you want. Enrique de Mulder, HayGroup President and coach of a score of executives is more succinct: the coach is a moral authority which support able to teach him to fish rather than to give him fish. Grant, researcher of The Coaching Psychology Unit, School of Psychology defines coaching as a systematic solution-focused and results-oriented process in which the coach facilitates the self-directed learning, personal growth and increased the experience of life and the performance of the coachee customers certain by the own coachee domains and continues the fundamental objectives of the executive coaching staff are promoting changes in cognitive, emotional and behavioural that facilitate the achievement of goals and the performance increase either at work or in personal. Azucena Vega, a professional coaching in Guipuzcoa, the life coach will be an alter ego that will help you get the best out of himself, all the potential inside, carrying all the blind zones inside that person don’t see labor, sentimental field, in your leisure time, etc. Above all emphasize the difference with a psychologist or psychiatrist coaching applies to healthy people who want to get the best out of themselves, looking for an extra life. We try to achieve even more and reduce the coaching to the Executive nature.

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