Ezkerra Left Councilmen

In spite of this upset without precedents, the Socialists obtain more mayorships (275 by absolute majority and 140 by relative majority) that the popular ones (140 and 70 respectively). On the other hand, IULV – CA 12% of the votes graze, although it has been backing down slightly with three tenth less than for four years, whereas the PA follows in fall and reduces point in the middle their representation, that as soon as it surpasses the five percent in all Andalusia. The most symbolic triumph of the PP has been registered in capital Seville, where Juan Ignacio Zoido has obtained an historical result when reaching the 20 councilmen, nine more than the Socialists. In Navarre it has gained UPN with 27.69% of the votes and 88,138 suffrages; PSN – PSOE obtains 15.87% of votes (50.491) and Bildu reaches 11.63% (37.017). NBai on the other hand, obtained 11.39% of the votes and the PP 5.99%. In Pamplona, UPN has been the voted force more in the City council and has obtained 11 of the 27 councilmen of the corporation, whereas the second list with more support is the one of Nafarroa Bai, with 7 ediles, and thirdly they would be the PSN and Bildu, both with 3, by 2 of PP and one of Ezkerra Left.

This result would allow the candidate of UPN, Mayan Enrique, to be chosen mayor with the support of the PSN. In Principality of Asturias, with 93.81% of the scrutinized votes, would gain the PSOE with 168,132 votes (30.00%), followed of the PP with 132,887 votes (23.71%). Forum of Asturias, the party of Francisco Alvarez Helmets, obtains 114,038 votes (20.35%). The mayor of Oviedo, Gabino de Lorenzo is lost the absolute majority which he has enjoyed during 16 the 20 years that take to the front of the municipal government. The PSOE stays more like the voted party in Gij’on, although there are lost three councilmen and they can lose the municipal government if Forum Asturias and Popular Partido unites their forces in the municipality.

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