Coaching Mirko Mieland

He is a budding teacher and certified dyslexia trainer. The two of dyslexia coaching have much, and want to naturally strong growth next year. Since there are more than 4 million Dyslexic people, you see a rain need for services in this area. Receiver/seniors with proof of your social money decision will also get a special fee discount Harz IV. About coaching dyslexia: Dyslexia coaching is a new founded emeinschaftsprojekt in the services legasthener and dyskalkuler people, with a versatile and individual services for all ages. Also resin IV recipients/retirees get support to a special fee discount with proof. In recent months, baby clothes has been very successful. The Agency offers technical seminar and education work from two perspectives and wants to help eliminate as the lack of education and the issue of stigma in our society and in the various areas concerned a chance the same life in our society to allow.

Individual seminars and workshops can be booked throughout Germany. Also, the Agency of experts offered to subscribe for an annual fee in a mediation file and thus to the clients or for seminars departments are taught in the various. The founders are also gladly as a consultative partner in the areas of education, media in General, as well as science available. Also, dyslexia coaching offers a comprehensive range in the new media, e-learning, online counseling and coaching, a publishing house with shop for dyslexic and subject matter experts. The Agency has also a vision: you want to create for the future jobs, it naturally Dyslexic people will get a chance. Contact for the press: Lars Michael Lehmann dyslexia coaching mobile + 49 (0) 173-92 67 31 3 fax + 49 (0) 1212-5 92 64 52 83 E-Mail project community: dyslexia Coaching Mirko Mieland educator and certified Dyslexia trainer small Gartenstrasse 9 14776 Brandenburg mobile + 49 (0) 177-42 81 81 4 Fax: + 49 (0) 1212 5 981 35 704 email dyslexia trainer is the trademark of first Cybertrade Inc. registered at UPTO under serial number 78818469 Lars Michael Lehmann Dyslexic, author, coach and recruiter Bahnhoftsrasse 27 31812 Bad Pyrmont mobile + 49 (0) 173-92 67 31 3 fax + 49 (0) 1212-5 92 64 52 83 E-Mail

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