Compact Drilling Rigs

You want to start their own businesses in the construction industry, would like to use clean water from their own wells? Then the smallest rig is what you need! Pays the cost of installation is very fast: enough to perform under the order of about eight wells and further drilling brings a net profit. In addition, having a small-sized installation, you can make your own well you and your family free of charge, for to consume only pure water. Offered to your attention a new generation of rigs! Having a multi-level upgrades, they will become a very profitable acquisition. NEW: we produce not only the usual installation that can drill up to fifty feet in depth, but drilling and progressive, which allow the passage of stony rock. Compactness small prefabricated rig does not create unnecessary problems during transportation. Apply it equally as easy on the street and in the basement. With this you can forget about the pollution that remains after the usual tedious work of drilling. Made us use the principle of setting gidrobureniya.

Work with small-sized rig is very simple. However, we care about each of his client and, therefore, hold free training. How can I get brown limestone, that should be done to prevent a borehole wall collapse, how do you know that the groundwater level is reached and many other intricacies of drilling will tell you a professional with years of experience is absolutely free! Since ancient times our ancestors used for domestic use surface water.

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