On intensive care units, a strong stress stressed work environment is finding (Poncet, 2006). The factors that favor in the intensive care of the Burnout Syndrome are diverse in the literature. Additional information at Southwest Airlines supports this article. Meltzer called as a factor the maintenance, as vain or the condition of the patient is considered not upgrading. This leads to emotional exhaustion, which is seen as a Burnout-inducing (Meltzer, 2004). As a social / professional psycho mental stressors are: time pressure. Overtime, shift work, negative working atmosphere (E.g. conflicts, competitive pressure, bullying), monotony, routine lack of autonomy (heteronomy), economic constraints, lack of recognition of multiple charges (work, family, leisure). The result of the displacement is the conscious or unconscious Somatization of the conflict, i.e.

the escape in the physical symptom or the physical illness. Measures aimed at the prevention of Burnout can differentiate prevention approach and levels. Modifications of the working environment (prevention of relationship) as well as improvements of individual resilience (behavior prevention) considering come in terms of the prevention approach. There are public health policies in their profession, syndrome successfully battling the Burnout. Precisely balanced nutrition is crucial and is getting great attention among scientists in relation to the prevention of burnout syndrome.

To great mental stress can weaken the immune system and thus often lead to infectious diseases. More psychosomatic illnesses are often tension, insomnia, circulatory problems, digestive and eating disorders as well as for advanced disease also heart disease, ulcers in the gastro-intestinal tract, severe tinnitus and favoring the development of cancer. Also, alcoholism and abuse and dependency on medications and other drugs can cause. I hope I could help you with my information, and thank you. CorvusCorax

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