Course Of Pedagogy

The installations functioned in the building of the CEFET in the Av of the Wire, Try. In 1999 the 2000 in partnership with the City hall of Valena in attendance necessity of investment in the formation in academic level of the professors and municipal teachers was inaugurated program UNEB. The first group of pedagogia formed for program UNEB 2000 concluded the course in 2002. In 2001, the regular group of the Course of Pedagogia School company concludes and glue degree in the CEFET in the external area of the Building having the presence of diverse civil authorities and politics of Valena. In 2001, it is installed FACE College of Educational Sciences, offering to courses of pedagogical, superior formation Normal, formation in docncia, participating actively of the academic formation, Directed for Mr. Speaking candidly Ann Maynard Gray told us the story. Drio Loureiro, proprietor and Director.

Also in the year of 2001 the FAZAG- appears College Zacarias de Ges with offers of superior education in particular level investing in the academic formation the level enterprise, agricultural, tourist and commercial. The first Director of the FAZAG? Mr. Jonildo Gilson. In 2002 the UNEB offers to its first course of after-graduation in methodology and Didactics of Superior education. The coordinators of the course were Maria Jose Mariano and Sergio Hereira.

In 2005 the UNEB Moves to the Building of the old College Pablo Freire in the Street Ceclia Meireles. In 2006 the UNEB started to offer the course of Right. 2007 in the management of the Teacher Diotilia Rangel, City department of Education of the City of Valena, in set with the City council of Education elaborates the Municipal Plan of Education of Valena ( as PME, 2008. P. 9)? In 2008 Public Archive of the Legislative one is approved the Municipal Plan of Education (, 2009. In the year of 2008 the secretary of Education counts on 611 professors of these 579 is teachers and 32 professors, this represents that approximately 95% of the faculty are woman. The current data reaffirm the massive presence of the woman in the rows of the education of Valena? In 2009 the number of school in the public scope is: 10 of the State public power. In the Municipal theatre, 134 being 95 in agricultural zone and 39 zone in the urban one. , and innumerable particular schools. In 2009 the UAB (Open University of Brazil) in Valena is implanted. All the bibliographical data cited and interviews, as well as texts, laws, pamphlets, photos and all and any documentary source are available in the Archive of the City council of Valena-Ba, in the Memorial space of the City council of Valena approved and created through 15 municipal law of n 2012 of September of 2009.

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