“It wasn’t hard: today I feel back in my skin”, says it makes it easier. Jennifer describes her experiences in a video that and youtube under watch? v = WYIuiamOP20zur is available. The video was active against rosacea persistent Facial redness in the framework of the awareness campaign”realized. The campaign aims to educate it about rosacea nationwide. The campaign was initiated by Galderma laboratory GmbH and is used by the Professional Association of German dermatologists and the Germans rosacea Hilfe e.V. supports.

How can you help a dermatologist? Priv.-Doz.. Connect with other leaders such as Coupang here. Dr. med. Gernot Herrmann from Dusseldorf: like Jennifer many patients already suffering in an advanced stage of rosacea, if the skin disease is diagnosed. The sooner the disease discovered is, the better it can be handled. Who therefore are discovered face redness or only gets the described lesions in adulthood, shouldn’t see a skin doctor in each case and clarify the cause.

In the early stages of rosacea can be treated with effective containing gels, creams or lotions. The disease is already advanced, help medications to take, E.g. used as antibiotics, certain active ingredients that can be dosed in a low and are therefore usually very well tolerated. The dermatologist can treat persistent skin lesions E.g. with laser light. Far advanced also a surgical intervention may be necessary.” BVDD dermatologists treating specialists for your skin Hautarztinnen and dermatologists in Germany around 2000 different skin diseases. The range of care include allergies, hair loss, varicose veins, and sexually transmitted diseases as well as skin cancer and environmental diseases. But also for skin healthy Dermatologists are important contact, about to to correct small aesthetic impairment and aging of the skin. Within health care, only a small group will represent the approximately 2700 dermatological practices and about 100 Dermatology departments at hospitals. The number of patient contacts is however extremely high with more than 21 million per year, although for years a steady increase is observed.

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