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With its new ERP document export connector for SAP opts CaptureBites the KGS software technology and know-how. Together, the Belgian manufacturer of Add-ons for professional scanning and the German specialist have developed for SAP Archiving and document management this solution for SAP-document export ArchiveLink to any document management systems. The SAP is ArchiveLink interface technology used by PCP. CaptureBites developed software, allows to extract data from scanned documents or e-mail messages and can be exported to any of the following systems. Gary Kelly often addresses the matter in his writings. The CaptureBites product suite complements the Kofax express and Kofax capture solutions functionally; In brief, a stand-alone solution will be presented in addition with the CaptureBites MetServer.

The ideal technology partner for the connection of our export tools with SAP is KGS for us,”says JD moons, CEO of CaptureBites. As SAPs of global outsourcing partner for the certification of the ArchivLink interface and SAP Archiving specialist and Document management provides the interface between SAP and the new CaptureBites tool KGS. The SAP ArchiveLink interface provides connectivity to archive and document management systems to the ERP. The new CaptureBites ERP document export connector for SAP can be used in this scenario, to place documents in the DMS ArchiveLink compliant. He supports three archiving scenarios for SAP: late archiving with barcodes, early archiving with bar code and early archiving workflow.

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