The Bohme consultancy offering immediately a free sample of the new release ‘Wisdom for our time of crisis’ to download. Practical life assistance for people in our troubled times. Easy to understand, analytically clear, immediately actionable. With his latest book of wisdom for our time of crisis, the 16 x writer, Aribert offers a vast array of wise and helpful wisdom Bohme, its readers and readers. Special feature of this new release (16.09.2011) is that all offered wisdom explains short and understandable. In particular, a relation to the everyday world is made so that readers can derive a clear and easily understandable reference to the own life reality. The life wisdom collected in this small booklet based on ideas of various philosophers and contemporary composers from different eras. Hear other arguments on the topic with Oracle.

All together is that they stimulate own thinking. It is important to know that all here offered to represent interpretations only offers”understand, even to think about. No last final to be claims to the wisdom the presented interpretations”. This book offers readers the opportunity to reflect their own thinking and acting to win valuable insights for a new adjustment can be integrated into your own life reality self-critical. In an easy to understand manner new insights tap attentive readers, so especially triggering causes for an increasingly highly questionable State of our world are clear.

Readers, unbiased and attention devoted to the reading of this book, opens up new horizons, so last but not least the own quality of life can be improved significantly. Information and orders: index.php? id = 296 & free download of a sample = objk_id 569904: Leseprobe_Bohme_Lebensweisheiten.PDF counseling, Aribert Bohme Psychological consultant (SGD-Dipl.) & DV-kfm & computer teacher & author member in the who-is-who Germany & Europe Lichtenbroicher route 103, 40472 Dusseldorf Tel.: 03212-104 89 42 fax: 03212-104 89 42 E-Mail: Internet: the consulting office Bohme, under the expert guidance of Mr Aribert Bohme, psychological consultant (SGD-Dipl.) & DV-kfm & computer teacher & author, offers a high quality and broad-based services since 1988. Following departments belong to the core competencies: 01 counseling (school, family, life coaching), 02 professional coaching, 03. computer based training (Windows, Word, Excel, theory, Internet), 4 private lessons and special learning support for students of classes 1 through 7 in the subjects German, English, mathematics, 5th publications in the thematic field of psychology, pedagogy, social criticism, computing. 06. psychological supervisor for the WVU project (science of below),. 07. author & lecturer of teaching video series psychology & Motivationscoaching”(

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