Dress Code

At that time, America did not go very lucky people, many were not in trouble with the law, the poor, there were many Irishmen who different turbulent temperament. These people came from the cities of England in the undeveloped lands of the American West, the owners of which were Indians. Therefore, country-style are interwoven elements of the urban and rural clothing elements of the European fashion and Indian national costume. Colors, mostly pastels, no bright colors used clothing, dust roads and red sand – shades of brown, gray, beige, ocher. Of the models often there is a wide jacket jacket, skirt, garment major breeding.

Tissue – often plaid, tweed – English fabric type, thick and warm. Clothing is combined with low-heeled shoes, perhaps, with the boots – the Cossacks. Accessories used leather, large, mostly – belts, leather handbags in an Indian style. Western-style clothes will feel the era of the Wild West, a stock of gunpowder, whiskey and sand dust. Dress in Western style – often leather to fringe – the fashion of Indians. Facebook often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Many leather straps everywhere, including hair accessories – hair clean the tail tied with a leather or suede lace.

And women and men in the course of a single cut-shirts with a turndown collar, drawing – a cell. A shirt worn suede or leather vest with fringe, in the end – neck handkerchief. And both men and women – blue jeans, or (in women) with a flounced skirt – a style varerte. Of shoes – boots brown leather wide or tall or short with a strap around the leg. Dress Code lesorubovSuschestvuet slight variation western style, which is presented in the style of clothing loggers America. Shirts in this style jeans, a cell is present only in the finishing yokes and collar, sleeves with cuffs, pockets with flaps. Dress Code Gaucho Gaucho Clothes style – a modern interpretation and combination of clothes in the style of western and folk Indian style. Dress in the style of Gaucho became fashionable in the 70 years of 20 century. For this style is characterized by elements of clothing pastoralists American prairie – ponchos, often painted and embroidered as the Indians, wide-brimmed hat, scarves, leather boots, slacks often of coarse cloth. All items of clothing decorated with studs, suede fringe, embroidery and applique. Rustic style variety of folk styles. Dress in the national, rustic, simple and rough. Example – a thick dense long wool skirt, over her wide shirt, more – a jacket coarse knit. B Environment dress / b For environmentally-style clothing is characterized by natural, natural colors – sand, clay, color, earth, stone color, the leaves. Fabrics are soft, always natural, without pattern or with pale floral patterns. For fans of Greenpeace, and not only those dresses will be very even way.

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