Effect Greenhouse

Therefore, and for a emission of gases of the effect greenhouse in the atmosphere, the great causer of the degradation of the environment that if relates for me the use of the natural resources. More info: Tomas Philipson. accomplishment of this work contributes to evidence a great problem that comes affecting the planet, and thus to show to the society the importance of the preservation of the environment. 4 Problematizao This research aims at to verify and to analyze the consequences of the effect greenhouse in the global heating. It is with the sprouting of the industrialization that increased the ambient problems. The inadequate exploration of the natural resources, the emission of pollutant gases in the atmosphere comes degrading the environment, thus favoring, the global heating, harming the beings of the land, as the destruction of glaciers, drought of rivers the climate change that not only harms the human being more the beings livings creature of the nature. for you vary reasons that we must look for to work with these questions and to show to the society the importance of the preservation and the cares that we must have in the exploration of the natural resources.

5 Theoretical Referential. To work the ambient, effect greenhouse and extremely significant question the society, and I appeared thus you doubt in relation its definition. in accordance with Fertile valley (2008): a greenhouse that heats the land, that is, and one I benefit natural of the land, where the rays infra-red ray are reflected and launched of new for the space. The atmosphere and composed for three gases, nitrogen, oxygen and argon, more will count small amounts of other gases as carbonic gas, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone, that in contrast of the dominant gases, is capable to absorb the infra red radiation and holds back the rays hindering that they come back to the space and they redispatch to the atmosphere and thus effect gases are called greenhouse.

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