Elastik Glass

Cover with a foam base features high durability, and serves up to 10 years under normal operating conditions. He is not afraid of water and virtually no shrinkage (Strain heating), due to the fact that is reinforced with glass. Thus, the fiberglass used in heterogeneous linoleum on the foam base. In addition, the linoleum on the basis of glass fiber can be further fitted with a bottom layer of proofing on the basis of non-woven materials. Range of customers for glass fiber production of linoleum is limited to three companies: ZAO Tarkett Rus' (Samara Oblast, Otradny) of Mosstroyplastmass (Moscow Region, Mytishchi) Ltd. 'Bilin' (the Altai Territory, Biysk) Another company – OOO "Zavod Elastik" (Tatarstan, Nizhnekamsk) phased out production of linoleum on the basis of glass fiber.

Other Russian companies are not produce linoleum on the basis of foam on an industrial scale. The main consumer of glass fiber for the production of linoleum is CJSC "Tarkett Rus'. It accounts for 91% of the consumption of glass fiber Russian producers of linoleum. Their needs in the enterprise meets the fiberglass due to foreign purchases of material. JSC "Mosstroyplastmass" – the second largest consumer of glass fiber in the Russian market. Its share had 6% of Russian consumption patterns glass fiber. In the manufacture of linoleum is used exclusively imported fiberglass. The share of LLC "Bilin" 3% of the total consumption of glass fiber Russian producers of linoleum. The company uses the glass fiber manufactured by JSC "Mostermosteklo." From the structure of consumption, it becomes apparent that the consumption of glass fiber is concentrated in one enterprise – JSC "Tarkett Rus'.

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