And back to the forest. Here for those who still don’t know: today in the year 2011 is 1 Hectare mixed woodland CA $US 100.000,-120,000 worth. And if we assume that not a single HA is like, and there will also no additional Hectares of forest, which will be replanted, so the HA of forest will be 150,000 to 200,000 dollars in 10 years between $US. And here a note. Should drinking water, springs, streams and rivers Ownership of the people remain and must not be privatized.

You will be invaluable in the future for the people. Recently, I heard the argument: what if any forest plants up, is he then not worthless? This is to say. This is the old thinking with a question that can be answered with no. Forest is required for the most important, namely drinking water and as a natural air-conditioning and resource of a natural building material. And the farmers, who do not give up your cattle and pig breeding, or want to abolish, will notice if they replant partly wooded, that the animals much prefer staying in the shadows of the trees, as on a pasture, where there is no water or shade.

The same applies to agriculture. Almost all fruit and vegetable varieties like though Sun, but engage in constant direct sunlight. Is fruit and vegetables but between trees sown and planted, so can be produced without creating more investment to shadow areas, cheaper. Also because the Expensive irrigation eliminates shadows. At the same time, we are here on the subject of warming the Ede”because the forest which is then used to fruit and is to take vegetables in alternating Sun and shadow boxes, make sure that the ambient temperature in the areas will fall to approximately 2-8 degrees Celsius. This in turn brought the country workers and workers a more enjoyable working environment.

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